The application of cone crushers is in secondary and tertiary crushing steps, in industrial mineral process and aggregates crushing plans. Heavy duty design for the processing of hard and abrasive minerals.


Our cone crushers


The secondary application shredders have a maximum feed size 300 mm, producing a size of 0-75 mm. With capacities of up to 500 Ton/h.


Tertiary crushers have a maximum feed size of up to 80 mm, and an output size of approximately 0-25 mm. The productions can reach up to 200 Ton/h.


Features of conical crushers


Our cone crushers are of the double support cone type, upper and lower. It has a hydraulic adjustment system, which do the cone-shaft assembly rise or fall, decreasing or increasing the crushing setting. This hydraulic system also serves as protection for in-shreds.


If a piece can´t be crushed enters, the cone-shaft goes down to its lower limit position, allowing the piece to pass through and preventing breakage.


The equipment can be supplied with a management software, which regulates the material feeder and the adjustment of the crusher, to obtain the product with the highest quality and the lowest energy consumption.


The cone and the upper crushing chamber are linned with cast manganese steel pieces as anti-wear protection.


One of the main advantages is to produce sands and gravel at low cost, both energy consumption with anti-wear material.

Types of cone crushers


We find 2 types of crushers, the suspended and supported ones.


Those with the suspended cone need a cruise to support the shaft, just like in rotary crushers. In this way the crushing work is basically horizontal, which allows us an important slope that favors the passage of materials.


In the case of supported cone crushers or Symons, the axis rests on semi-spherical bearings through the mobile conical trunk body. The widening allows us a more open cone angle, between 90º and 125º, thus providing a greater crushing capacity compared to the rotating model.


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