These are ideal machinery for the so-called first level crushing, in which a coarse and medium crushing is required and the crushed particles obtained are not as fine as they would be from another process.


Especially indicated for mineral and industrial production, at SOTECMA you will find what you need.


Our jaw crushers


The jaw crushers are applicable in the process of industrial minerals and aggregates treatment. Its most common use is in the process of primary crushing, in which they reduce large stones to a product with a maximum size of 300-400 mm.


SOTECMA jaw crusher is simple effect type, “heavy duty” design for the processing of hard and abrasive minerals.


Characteristics of the crushing machines


The bearings and shaft of the mobile jaw are oversized and high resistance.


Both the mobile and fixed jaws have a removable and reversible anti-wear cast iron plate. Toothed design to improve the efficiency of the crushing. The mobile jaw has a fuse in the drive rod, as a protection system against in-shreds.


Other characteristics of this type of crusher can be:


  • They offer high performance
  • They offer easy repair and easy maintenance.
  • Uniformity in particle size
  • They are very easy to control and manage
  • Adjustable feed and discharge ports.
  • It has applications in mining, construction and extraction

Jaw Crusher capabilities

Maximum size of feeding stones up to 1200 mm and 3000 kg. Obtaining as final product stones with a maximum size of 100 to 400 mm. And capacity from 150 to 800 Ton / h.


We also have secondary crushers, with mouths of 250 and 350 mm for the production of gravel at a low cost.


These crushers must be fed in a controlled manner by a Grizzly primary feeder.

Industrial mineral crushing equipment:

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