SOTECMA manufactures horizontal silos, for storage and dosing of fine solid bulks.


They are used in cases of low height to install a traditional silo, products whose logistics requires loading at source and dosage at destination. Temporary or mobile applications.


Characteristics of horizontal silos


Its main specifications and characteristics are:

  • Quick installation, without special licenses.
  • Crane is not necessary for assembly and disassembly.
  • Possibility to divide in chambers
  • Manufacture in stainless steel available.
  • Dedusting filters optionally.
  • Storage capacity from 25 to 35 m3.
  • Static, transportable or mobile on semi-trailer.
  • Equipped with screw extraction system.
  • Does not require foundations.
  • Flexible discharge height.
  • Possibility of pneumatic or mechanical filling.

Horizontal silos with dosing system


Our horizontal silos can be equiped with different dosing systems. In those cases, it can be:


  • Continuous volumetric dosing with distributor by roto-valve to supply lime or cement.
  • Continuous dosing by weighing.
  • Gravimetric dosing by batch through hopper or direct load
  • Discontinuous dosing by weighing.


Optionally, we also have: Vibrators or flow aids, load cells, pressure relief valve, Minimum and maximum level indicator, Control panel, etc.


We can make special designs adapted to your product and application. As well as integration studies in existing facilities, or design of new facilities based on this type of silos.


Year: 2014
Country: Spain

Company: TOLSA
Year: 2013
Country: Spain


Company: CERAMEX
Year: 2014
Country: Spain

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