In all industrial processes, including, therefore, the SOTECMA supplies, an electrical control system managed by an automatic control system is required. For the start, stop, control and adjustment of each installation equipment.


In general, all the processes designed and supplied by SOTECMA are automated, the program being developed directly by our technicians. Them, SOTECMA controls full process, coordinating the automatic system with the sub-suppliers and third part machinery.


In dosing and weighing processes, in which SOTECMA is specialist, automation control system is essential to obtain reliable and quality results.


In case of big installations such as: dry mortar plants, concrete plants and mineral treatment plants, automation is based in an industrial automaton (PLC) supplied by main international brands (Schneider or Siemens). The operator connection to PLC is done through a computer, by Scada system or similar. For small installations, or when the equipment are located in areas with a lot of pollution and/or high ambient temperatures, this communication will do through industrial touch screens.

SOTECMA has an electrical department that, in addition to supplies the electrical part in our own plants or supplies, has the capacity to support our clients in industrial processes and installations supplied by other companies.


This department is responsible of design, develop and supply:


Low voltage electrical engineering, supply of electrical project and construction management, development of electrical schemes, supported by design programs (EPLAN). Electrical installation supply.


PLC and SCADA Programming, our design and engineering are based in the main brands equipment, this is a great advantage for our clients to look for spare parts and for future programming modifications.


Low voltage installations supply, cabling and ducting, both aerial and underground.


Low voltage control and protection panels, for power motor and control connection lines.


Electrical maintenance of our installations supplied and to other electrical installations supplied by other companies.


– Plant operators training. The experience of our technicians, in many cases over 25 years, permits to teach to the future plant operators the knowledge and capacities to manage of the plant or installation supplier- Mainly is concrete, gravel-cement, dry mortar and industrial mineral plants.

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