SOTECMA is a specialist in the design, manufacture and turnkey supply of all types of mineral processing installations.


Metallic and non-metallic minerals concentration process. Special clays, special sand for several industrial applications. Raw materials used to manufacture materials for construction, cement, plaster and lime.

Our specializations


SOTECMA has extensive experience in the entire process that concerns a Mineral Processing Plant, from its intake and design to its assembly and commissioning.




We supply the basic engineering of any mineral treatment process: from the design of the process itself including the flow chart and process balances, choosing of main and auxiliary equipment, general installation implementation. As well as detail engineering and supply manufacturing.




We supply, either of our own manufacture or in collaboration with the main companies in the sector:

  • Crushing
  • Dimensional classification
  • Gravimetric Classification
  • Magnetic separation
  • Flotation
  • Grinding and sorting
  • Whasing
  • Filtration
  • Drying.
  • Handling, transport and storage

Processes both dry and wet.


Manufacturing, assembly and commissioning


Once the process and detail engineering is defined, SOTECMA manufactures the selected equipment, transports, assembles and starts up anywhere in the world.


Electrical installation and software


Within the supplies broken down previously, the electrical department of SOTECMA, performs electrical engineering, manufacture of electrical panels and their assembly. And also, based on its base software, it designs the production control system of the facilities supplied.


Experts in mineral beneficiation plants


Within this broad sector, the areas where we have more experience are:


  1. Production of special arenas.
  2. Industrial mineral processing
  3. Crushing and screening