SOTECMA supplies industrial mineral installations of very diverse characteristics.


The field of industrial mineral processing is very broad and diverse. It occupies from metallic minerals, to minerals used in the auxiliar construction industry. It also includes products assimilated to minerals such as fly ash, slag of diverse origin, products derived from the chemical industry, etc.


Experts in minerals for industrial use


We have experience in mineral processing such as:


  • Plaster, lime and cement.
  • Calcium carbonate, limestone, etc.
  • Siliceous sands and feldspar.
  • Special clays: Sepiolite, attapulgite, bentonite, etc.
  • Metal ores.
  • Minerals for ceramic applications.
  • Fly ash and slag.

Equipment and processes


The equipment and processes used in this field are very variable, depending on the mineral to be treated and its characteristics, as well as the final product to be produced, both by application and quality.


Mineral process as:


  • Granulometric classification.
  • grinding
  • Calcination and drying.
  • Magnetic separation.
  • Gravimetric separation.
  • Flotation
  • Dosage and weighing.
  • Washing and dehydration.
  • Auxiliary handling and silage equipment.
  • Filtered and dusted.


Our mineral processing solutions


This wide range of applications is based on SOTECMA’s own technology, or in collaboration with world-class technologists.


SOTECMA designs, manufactures and assembles complete, turnkey installations. It also makes partial supplies and modification of existing facilities. Improvements in production, expansion of final products and improvements in the quality of the products obtained.

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