SOTECMA is a specialist in supply installations for manufacturing special arenas for industrial applications.


Silica and feldspar sands, can be produced with the Intallations supplied by SOTECMA:


  • Sand for building materials
  • Concrete and precast sand
  • Asphalt Sands
  • Sands for mortar manufacturing
  • Casting Sands
  • Filter sand
  • Sands for ceramics
  • Sands for glass
  • Sands for optical fibre
  • Sands for electrical insulators
  • Sands for manufacturing solar panels

Wet way special sands production


We design, manufacture and assemble complete turnkey plants for the production of wet sands.


Based on compact hydrocyclone washing groups, manufactured by SOTECMA. We supply the rest of the process equipment, such as screens, crushers, wash tanks, log washers. As well as auxiliary equipment such as hoppers and conveyor belts.


We also supply sand installations of the highest quality for the production of sand for glass, sand for smelting and filtration, sand for ceramics, fibreglass, etc.


Processes based on our own manufacturing equipment, as well as the different technological partners with whom we collaborate.


We also have installations and equipment for water clarification and recovery, necessary in the treatment of wet sand, clarifying tanks, flocculant dispensers, etc.


We also incorporate sand drying equipment for the final adaptation of wet processes.


DRY way special sands production


We supply dry production plants, with the aim of eliminating filler, granulometric classification, storage and dispatch of the final product, in bulk or by bagging.



We have the necessary process equipment to obtain the best quality sands, dynamic separators, sieves, crushers, mills, magnetic separation. Both our own manufacturing and our technology partners.



We also manufacture gad and cartridge filters and cartridges, both dusted to avoid harmful emissions to the environment, as well as process. Auxiliary filters of grinding and grading equipment by air.

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