The concrete plant is an installation used to manufacture concrete from the raw material that composes it. These components, which are usually aggregate, cement and water, are stored to later be dosed in the appropriate proportions in order to be mixed in a concrete mixer or concrete trucks.

Types of concrete mixer plants

There are several types of concrete manufacturing plants according to the different possible qualifications:

According to the type of concrete produced:

  • Mixing plants
  • Dosing plants
  • Cement gravel plants
  • Combined plants

According to the mobility of the plant:

  • Fixed plants
  • Portable plants
  • Modular plants

According to the aggregate storage system:

  • Vertical plants
  • Horizontal plants

In today’s post, we will talk in detail about portable or mobile concrete plants, the elements that compose them, their main uses and the advantages or limitations they present.

The portable concrete plant

These installations are intended for specific works or projects that do not require a fixed concrete plant due to the assembly and start-up time. After finishing them, the plant is dismantled, assembled and sent to another workplace, making the installation and uninstallation of the plant faster.


  • Does not require a big investment
  • Control of materials
  • Correct dosage on site
  • Manufacturing speed
  • Quick assembly and disassembly

In SOTECMA, we have solutions for any aggregate manufacturing process, among which is the mobile concrete mixer plant. Next, all the details of it.

Standard Plant Technical data:

  • Model: Basic – 80
  • Production: 80 m3 / h
  • Aggregate hoppers: 4
  • Aggregate capacity: 24 m3 (4 × 6 m3)
  • Aggregate scale weighing: 5,000 Kg
  • Cycle capacity: 3m3
  • Total cement silage: 30 T
  • Cement scale weighing: 1,000 Kg
  • Screw conveyor for cement: 2 x Ø219 x 7m x 12.5 CV
  • Water dosing system: Counter 2 ”
  • Compressor power: 7.5 CV x270 L
  • Extractor belt: B-650 x 10 CV
  • Truck Loading: Elevator Belt
  • Required connection: 380 V (III) 50/60 Hz

planta hormigon portatil camion

The elements:

  1. Aggregate hopper (4 cross compartments): with a capacity of 24 m3 (4 × 6 m3), 1 electric vibrator, drop cones with double discharge mouth and built in 5mm thick plate.
  2. Plant structure frame: hoppers frame built in UPN-type electro-welded laminated profiles. Twin-type built-in wheel group with 4 rims.
  3. Aggregate dispenser: built in 6 mm thick steel sheet, with internal tiles and double discharge mouth.
  4. Aggregate load cell: four units with 2mV / V sensitivity.
  5. Elevator Belt: 650 mm belt width, 10 m belt length and a speed of 90 m / min (variable).
  6. Pneumatic installation: piston compressor, Nylon transport pipe, regulator group, filter and lubricator.
  7. Cement dispenser: made up of a watertight tank, built in 4mm thick sheet metal and with a capacity for 1,000 Kg.
  8. Cement load cells: 3 units, sensitivity 2mV / V, with capacity 750 Kg (each one) and protection IP-67 DIN 40050.
  9. Water dispenser: 1 filter with 2 “inclined seat hopper, 1 gate valve, with 2” pneumatic pilot, and 1 electronic 2 “water meter.
  10. Cement silo: a unit with a capacity of 30 Tm, incorporated into the frame of the machine, built in 5mm thick sheet metal, loading system by pneumatic transport, conduction of a 4 ”diameter inlet tube.
  11. Cement screw conveyor: two units with a diameter of Ø219mm, 7m in length and a power of 12.5 HP.
  12. Dosing to trucks: cement scale housing gantry, built in electro-welded laminated profiles, forming a rigid and compact frame. Hopper for truck loading.
  13. Control booth and electrical panel: automatic and manual control cabinet.
  14. Hardware and Software: “PROIN-CONEX” plant automation software. Computer equipment, 1 digital card for 2 scales and a counter, as well as a 24-relay card.

For the mobility of this plant, only the truck head is needed.

For further information about the product you can download the PDF de Planta de hormigón portátil.

Sotecma counts with mobile concrete plants, if you are interested do not hesitate to contact us