SOTECMA manufactures several machines for mineral screening and processing, in wet y dry way. Applications like different industrial minerals, metallic minerals, in the auxiliary industry of construction, cement, lime, gypsum, special sands and clays, etc.


Based on vibration technology, we manufacture products as feeders, screens, grizzlies. Sand washer groups and thickener. We can also supply equipment for sorting, grinding, screening and minerals classification processes. Gravimetric, magnetic separation, sizers, etc. As well as complete processes and turnkey installations.


The screening, in a mineral treatment process, consists of the separation by size of the mineral processed flow. This separation by sizes has different objectives depending on the mineral treatment process considered:


  • Adapt the fraction of the mineral to be treated to the size required by the next process stage. For example, if there is a grinding stage in the process, and the mill can only accept minerals less than 20 mm in size. Before the mill there is a screen with a separation at 20 mm. The ore with a size less than 20 mm is fed to the mill, and the ore with a size bigger than 20 mm is sent to another stage of the process. This bigger size fraction is usually sent to a crushing stage to reduce it below 20 mm in order to feed it to the mill.


  • Separate a mineral fraction by size, because there is a characteristic of the mineral that is concentrated in a size fraction. For example, in the iron ore production process, iron-rich ore is concentrated in the size fraction less than 6 mm. In this case, a 6 mm separation screen is installed. The ore less than 6mm goes to an iron-rich ore concentration process, and the ore bigger than 6mm goes to an iron-poor ore concentration process or is simply is rejected as very poor.


  • When the size of the material is a required characteristic of the final product. For example, to the manufacture of concrete, minerals with a certain size are used. In these cases, a screen is installed in the final stage of the aggregate production process, with three separations 4, 12 and 25 mm. Obtaining the three required final products. In this case, a different size fractions mixture is usually used, in a determined proportion of three size fractions:
    • Sand 0-4 mm
    • Gravel 4-12 mm
    • Gravel 12-25 mm


SOTECMA manufactures various types of screens, all of them based on linear motion vibration technology, in which the “SIZER” type multi-floor screens stand out. Within the group of vibrating machinery, SOTECMA manufactures feeders and pre-screening feeders “GRIZZLY” type, for different applications in mineral treatment processes.

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