The SIZER (multi-deck) screen manufactured by SOTECMA is a well-known screen in the sector. It has other generic names such as statistical or probabilistic screens.


Characteristics of multi-sieve screens


Its main advantages are:


  • Linear vibration using two electric vibrators. What confers a high amplitude of vibration and more energetic movement. What increases the efficiency of screening and reduces the risk of clogging the mesh.


  • Equipment of up to six floors, with the possibility of using some of them as technical floors to improve the quality of screening. The use of technical mesh reduces the material layer thickness over the mesh, which increase the separation efficiency.


  • Waterproof equipment, without dust emission, and including a register to install a dust collection.


  • Integrated and vibrating rejects and fines chute.


  • Rear mesh tensioning system, which allows its replacement and quick and easy maintenance. Allowing only the broken mesh to be removed for replacement without the need to disassemble the upper meshes.


  • Especially indicated for screening fine products, less than 3 mm, and up to 200 microns.


  • Possibility of installing an anti-clogging system of meshes, by hitting chains or rubber pipes, depending on the light of the mesh.


  • It has a feed material spreader sizer inlet. The distributor can be static and integrated in the sizer or a vibrating and independent device.


There are long type (2.4 m long) and short type (1.3 m long) versions as well as powered by a single vibrating motor and elliptical movement, always (1.3 m long). The width of the screen is variable between 500 mm and 2500 mm.

The typical applications are:


Production of special sands for the auxiliary construction industry, such as the manufacture of dry mortar. Plaster, lime, clinker, industrial minerals, fertilizers, chemicals, salt, sugar. In general, fine or very thin separations and difficult dry products.


Models and specifications




SL 150 21500 x 24002
SL 150 31500 x 24003
SL 150 51500 x 24005
SL 200 22000 x 24002
SL 200 32000 x 24003
SL 200 52000 x 24005
SL 250 32500 x 24003
SL 250 52500 x 2400 5




S1 100 31000 x 13003
S1 100 51000 x 13005
S2 100 61000 x 13006
S1 150 31500 x 13003
S2 150 51500 x 13005
S2 150 61500 x 13006
S2 200 32000 x 13003
S2 200 52000 x 13005
S2 200 62000 x 13006

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