SOTECMA has a complete range of vibrating feeders, specially designed for hard and abrasive minerals.


These feeders are powered by two electric vibrators, which generate a linear motion vibration. The feeders are regulated by adjusting the eccentric masses of the motor-vibrators and by speed control with frequency converters.


Vibrating feeders


This range of vibrating feeders, model FE, has its application in secondary or tertiary crushing stages, or for handling materials with a maximum size of 300 mm.


Characteristics of vibrating feeders


The feeders have an optional anti-wear or polyurethane sheet coating handling of abrasive materials. Its design can be supported or suspended, depending on the implementation of the equipment.


SOTECMA also supplies the connection chutes between the hopper and the feeder. This element is very important for the correct functioning of the equipment. This chute is equipped with a flow regulating gate of material, as well as a system for regulating the inclination of the feeder.


The range has tray widths, from 400 mm to 1.300 mm, and capacities from 20 Ton / h to 1,000 Ton / h.


Vibrating feeder


 (mm)d= 1,6
FE HD 04 08400 x 80090
FE HD 05 09500 x 900165
FE HD 06 10600 x 1000190
FE HD 07 12700 x 1200280
FE HD 08 13800 x 1300350
FE HD 09 15900 x 1500460
FE HD 10 161000 x 1600515
FE HD 11 181100 x 1800680
FE HD 12 191200 x 1900880

The Grizzly Feeders


SOTECMA also has a range of grizzly type primary feeders, specially designed for application in aggregate crushing and industrial mineral processing.


Features of Grizzly Feeders


This type of feeders has one or several grill steps that allow not only dosing and extracting large minerals, but also pre-screening of fine materials.


Its typical application is the feeding of jaw and impact primary crushers.


Adapting its width, to the standard width of the jaw crushers. We have widths of 600 to 1400 mm. That is, the maximum size to handle are stones up to 3000 kg.


Primary feeders and grizzlies


 (mm)d= 1,6
GR HD 08 400800 x 400300 Ton/h
GR HD 10 4601000 4600500 Tom/h
GR HD 12 5001200 x 5000650 Ton/h
GR HD 14 6501400 x 6500800 TonH

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