We have a R & D department, which allows us to develop new equipment or adapt existing ones to the specific requirements or applications of each client. In any category of product we have, storage, transport, dosing and weighing, as well as mixers.


Apply these new developments, both to existing facilities and to the new facilities supplied by SOTECMA.


We highlight the work of adaptation and new equipment design for compliance with ATEX regulations in any of its categories.


What is the ATEX legislation?


The ATEX legislation is a European directive that requires all those responsible for a company to control the risks related to the explosion in certain atmospheres. For this, an assessment of the risk of explosion in the company is necessary to be able to identify all the places where explosive atmospheres can form and, thus, to put the means to avoid explosions.


How to choose a material adapted to an atmosphere in which there is a risk of explosion?


The ATEX atmospheres are subdivided into 3 zones:


  • Zones 0, 1 or 2 for gases.
  • Zones 20, 21 or 22 for powders.


There are two groups of devices:


  • Group I: specific for use in mines
  • Group II: for use in all other industries.


SOTECMA supplies and adapts a large part of its equipment to comply with this regulation.

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