The silo bin activator eases the continuous and controlled unloading of bulk products, by regular and constant flow.


The main advantage is that it solves the typical problems of material extraction from silos: vaults, chimneys, unforeseen flows and material adhered to the walls.


Bin activators specifications


Constructed by a fixed upper part joined to the silo and by another vibrant lower one, hanging from the previous one by means of several braces with elastic fixation to both parts. The union is sealed by an elastic sleeve held by clamps.


Internally it has an optional counter-cone, which facilitates the flow of material and its extraction. The silos can be equipped with additional flow aids system.


They construction materials can be: carbon steel or stainless steel. And diameter size are from 600 mm to 2,500 mm.


Company: REYCOMA
Year: 2005
Company: Spain

Year: 2010
Country: Spain

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