SOTECMA supplies complete storage facilities for powder and granular products in silos, both as independent facilities, as part of our solid bulk processing and dosing facilities based on customer needs.


Our engineering department can offer complete silage solutions including:


  • Complete silos batteries with structure and assembly.
  • Material transport by means of endless screws, conveyor belts, vibrating feeders, bucket elevators, pneumatic conveying, etc.
  • Dosing and Weighing, both continuously and discontinuously.
  • Electrical installations, control, process control software.
  • Materials dispatch systems, in bulk to trucks, big-bags and bagging.
  • Auxiliary equipment for silos, filters, valves, vibrating bottoms, fluidizing and anti-vault systems, level probes, etc.


Types of silos supplied by SOTECMA


The range of silos that SOTECMA can supply is very wide, highlighting:


  • Cylindrical and parallelepiped silos. They are the most common. The shape makes its storage capacity optimal. They adapt to the environment easily, and are easy to fit into the available spaces.


  • Made of carbon steel and stainless steel. The resistant materials in which they are manufactured allow the conservation and maintenance of the product with total quality. They also avoid humidity and other external agents that can spoil the product.


  • Removable silos, paneled, in sectors, etc. The silos in this block are characterized by being divided into sectors, which greatly facilitates their transport. They are very easy to assemble and are highly adaptable. The materials in which they are built guarantee the safety and maintenance of the product.


  • Large silos. Since the objective of silos is to facilitate the storage of products, they must be adapted to the dimensions and available spaces. To store large quantities, large silos are the most efficient solution.


  • Horizontal silos, with optional dosing system They are used when there is little height to place the traditional silo. The storage capacity ranges from 25 – 35 m3 They are easy to install and can be static or movable, to make transport easier.


  • Silos of work of mortar, plaster. These silos are used for construction. They allow both the storage of the material and the transfer to the work with great ease and total guarantee. Some also incorporate a mixer for the preparation of mortar.


  • Telescopic silos. Telescopic silos have a lower storage capacity but are very easy to transport in trucks, this being their great advantage.


  • Hoppers and Large Dimension Hoppers Hoppers are perfect for storing construction products such as sand or gravel, but can also be used for agricultural products.


  • Silos for cement, for batching plants and large capacity silos for stock, loading and unloading port terminals. Specific according to the needs. Above all, they facilitate transfer and assembly. Storage is important but also to extract it effectively and safely.