The belt conveyor is probably the most used equipment in the transport and handling of solids. SOTECMA designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of belt conveyors specially adapted for each type of material to be handled.


Types of belt conveyors


We can supply different types of industrial conveyor belts depending on the type of application, the installation or the material to be handled. At SOTECMA, we manufacture:


  • Lattice Frame Conveyors
  • Folded sheet conveyors
  • Extra-flat conveyors with U-frame


For all of them, we can carry out a custom manufacturing that adapts to any length, bandwidth and transport capacity that suits your needs.


Auxiliary and optional elements


Likewise, we have a wide range of auxiliary and optional elements such as:


  • Single and double gangway
  • Gangway in Head
  • Hoods of various designs and types
  • All the security elements established by the regulations as well as elements specially designed for any level of requirement.
  • Loading guides
  • Scrapers
  • Special bands
  • Designs for stockpiles in stock (rotating, reversible, scrollable belts)
  • Storage trippers
  • Etc.

As SOTECMA is a specialist in dosing and weighing, special mention has to be made of the band dispensers. Variant of belt conveyors adapted for continuous weighing of bulk solids. As well as weighing belts, commonly used in ready-mix concrete batching plants.


SOTECMA also markets a wide range of accessories and auxiliary elements for ban conveyors.

Rollers, head pulleys and stations for belt conveyors

Different types of rollers, head pulleys and other elements are available for customizing and adapting belt conveyors to any need.




  • Smooth rollers
  • Damping rollers
  • Guide rollers
  • Cleaning rollers


RODISOT rollers have been designed and manufactured in order to obtain maximum reliability, durability and zero maintenance in severe applications, their main characteristics being:


  • Uniform tightness all around
  • Balanced weights avoiding dynamic tensions and being able to demand greater speed
  • No welding, no burrs or edges
  • Centred shaft due to internal machining at the ends
  • Its thickness ensures great robustness and durability
  • 2Z bearings, double sealed and permanently lubricated
  • Free from strange mazes and unnecessary friction
Upper rollers for troughed belt conveyors (Artesa)
rodillos superiores cinta transportadora de banda en artesa
Upper rollers for troughed belt conveyors (“V”)
rodillos superiores cinta transportadora de banda en v

Head Pulley or Tail Pulley


  • Pulleys with shaft attached to the roller
  • Pulleys with independent shaft




  • Load-bearing stations for troughed belt conveyors
  • “V” bearing stations
  • Flat return stations
  • Cleaning stations
  • Self-centring stations
  • Weighing stations


Manufactured according to DIN22107 and ISO 1537 standards or according to customer needs.


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Company: CEMEX
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