SOTECMA has a big range of compact groups for washing sand by cyclone, which are the most advanced technology for removing clays and fines in sands for industrial applications.


Sand washing consists of a separation by size of the unwanted particles. The separation is made at a size of 65 microns, where fines and clays are concentrated that reduce the quality of the sand. Although this cut size is adjustable.


The hydrocyclone and its advantages


Compared to traditional washing systems, the use of cyclone allows a dynamic separation of the fines, through the effect of the centrifugal force generated inside the cyclone. In traditional systems such as fwashing wheels or screws, the separation of fines by sedimentation of the coarse fraction of the sand, due to the effect of the force of gravity. This feature allows a much more efficient, quick and forced separation. In addition, the cutting size is easily adjustable.


The hydrocyclone sand washing system


The system is based on:


  • Feed the sand to a receiving tank, adding the necessary water to wash previously. Well in the previous screen or in the own conduit of feeding to the tank.


  • From this tank, a pulp composed of dirty sand and water, in the proper proportion, is pumped to cyclone. In which, in a controlled way, a separation of the fines from the sand is made, which are eliminated as dirty water to the water recovery system.


  • While the clean sand that exits the apex of the cyclone is sent to a dewatering screen. At the exit of which the sand is obtained clean and with low percentage of water.



SOTECMA has a range of washing sand groups from 40 Ton/h to 200 Ton/h of sand feed capacity. For each standard size we have two models, one for dirty sand and the other for very dirty sand.



   (m3/h) (Ton/h) (KW)  (Ø MM)
WSG 18 07 180 70 6″ 22 600
WSG 22 07 220 70 6″ 30 700
WSG 22 10 220 100 6″ 30 700
WSG 28 10 280 100 8″ 37 700
WSG 28 13 280 130 8″ 37 700
WSG 34 13 340 130 8″ 45 800
WSG 34 17 340 170 8″ 45 800
WSG 54 17 540 170 10″ 55 2 x 700
WSG 60 20 600 200 10″ 75 2 x 800

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